Review: Dell S2719DM Wide Quad HD Monitor

A quad HD IPS display that excels at both professional and casual gaming use.

Review: Dell S2719DM Wide Quad HD Monitor

I spend an awful lot of my day to day life looking at equipment specification, and having spent probably more time than I care to admit researching the market for a replacement for my 6 year old LG IPS screen, I decided to go for the Dell S2719DM.

This quad HD IPS display provides 2560 x 1440 pixels at a peak brightness level of 600cd/m² - which is one of those figures that you'll often overlook when looking at a monitor, but this effectively translates to an insanely bright picture.

From a professional perspective, being a good quality IPS screen you get a colour gamut of 100% sRGB (85% DCI-P3), which makes this an ideal choice for editing work. For developers, I really can't overstate how brilliant having 27" of panel at quad HD is for your coding sessions.

For gamers, this screen supports Freesync, but even without this enabled, this is a pretty capable monitor for the casual gamer showing minimal signs of screen tearing when playing first person games such as Sea of Thieves or CS:GO.

Build quality has always been a strong point with Dell monitors, and the S2719DM is no exception to this. IPS panel bleed is minimal, and the stand and controls feel solid.

I've been using this screen for just over a month at the time of review, and so far the only real criticism I have is in regard port availability: Providing simply two HDMI ports, and no USB options at all - but really, this feels a relatively minor issue. Overall, this is a brilliant screen and certainly feels value for money.

You can currently buy the S2719DM for £369 from John Lewis, including their 2 year guarantee.